Samba Class in Rio

Group Samba Class in Rio

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Provided by Rio Samba Dancer

1 hour Offered in English, Spanish and Portuguese

A once in a lifetime chance

Learn how to samba in Rio. Guests say the experience is special and unique.

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What will you do

 One-hour samba class in Copacabana/Ipanema. All ages and levels are welcome!

Experience Brazil with our Samba crash course!

Book your Group Samba Class and have so much fun learning how to dance the samba with people from around the world. Our Samba lesson is for everyone, in other words, no dance experience is required.

What you can expect:

  • Classes in English/Spanish/Portuguese
  • You don't need to have a dance partner
  • The venue includes water & bathroom facilities
  • Great Location
  • Safe, Fun & Easy

Where is the Samba class?

Meet your samba instructor in the heart of Copacabana / Ipanema for an hour Samba Crash Course. We make learning to dance the samba easy and fun, while also providing you with information about Brazilian dance culture.

Do I need to have a samba experience?

Your Group Samba Class is hosted in English, Portuguese, and Spanish. Also, you don’t need to have a dance partner or even any Samba experience. Come in casual clothes and comfortable shoes (dance shoes are not required).

All ages and all dance experience levels are welcome to this Group Samba Class but the majority of people who come are beginners. Fell free to join us even if you know a little bit of Samba, just let our samba instructor know and they will teach you some special samba steps to keep improving.

During this Samba lesson, you will learn a few different steps, for males and females. First, we start with feet, after that we show the secret of the samba hips followed by the hands. If you put this all together you look like a pro. In order to visit Rio during the Carnival.

Ok, let's Samba!

Is Samba a solo or partner dance?

We have samba solo and samba partner, however, we will learn a solo dance. In addition, at the end of the class, we teach the basic steps of Forró, so that you can dance with a partner. Many students join this samba lesson so that they can learn amazing moves to confidently dance in Brazilian Samba Nightclubs. Check our Rio Night Tour experience.

In conclusion, this group samba class is for everyone interested to have fun and have a little taste of Brazil. Also, a great activity to do when it's raining in Rio. 

Try our private class package deal

Private Samba Dance Class

This is a one-on-one class, recommended for solo travelers, couples, or people seeking to reach a high level of samba with the teacher's full attention. As a result, you have the option to choose another partner's dance style if you like. Our teachers are trained to dance instructors and can help you find your rhythm in no time.  

Are you shy to dance in front of other people? Would you like to have the whole attention on you and your partner? Then a private samba class is for you!

4 private classes

Choose a day and time for your classes and become a confident samba dancer. Generally speaking, you'll leave Rio de Janeiro as a samba expert, and consequently,  you will be able to dance in the carnival parade

8 private classes

When you choose 8 private classes you will be a Samba Master or you can choose any other type of dance you like. We offer, forró, Zouk, salsa, merengue etc etc.  You can do it alone or with your partner. Prices on the side.

Private dance lesson

One Hour

USD $35

4 Hours

USD $120

8 Hours

USD $200

Choose your Experience and have fun!

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