About our Samba School

Our Samba School is ready to provide incredibles memories in Rio de Janeiro.

Rio Samba Dancer it`s a Samba School in the heart of Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro. We offer a few different Samba Experiences for you so you can enjoy in a safe way.

Dance ith our two instructors.

Rio Samba Dancer – Recommended for all ages and genders.

The Rio Samba Dancer became an activity virtually mandatory for visitors to the wonderful city.

In couples, alone or with friends, you can attend one of our Samba class, simply choose between private or open groups and wait for the booking confirmation.

Samba is Rio´s official rhythm and the city is the cultural capital of the country.

With roots in Africa, samba developed itself so much that the simple mix of its original elements with jazz gave birth to one of the most known types of music around the world, Bossa Nova.

Therefore, Samba is the musical style that best characterizes Brazil and the miscegenation of its people.

For most people samba is one of the most beautiful and difficult dances in the world, mainly because of the speed of the pivoting movement applied on most parts of the body.


The Rio Samba Dancer was founded in 2009 with the objective to decode the steps of Samba and show that all can dance, simply follow some tips and have fun!

We provide classes of samba no pé (samba solo) and Gafieira (partner samba), empowering the student to perform the basic movements of the dance.

Dance studios are located in the neighborhoods of Copacabana and Ipanema.

Class times and the exact address is sent in the booking confirmation, via e-mail.

Besides the samba dance lesson, we also offer an option of a samba night tour.

The package includes the dance instructor and the tourist guide accompanying the group during a visit to samba club, with live shows and a great structure of bar and restaurant.

There the students may apply all the knowledge learned in the classroom and have a lot of fun at night.

Come and join Rio´s #1 workshop and be certain that the samba will become part of your life!

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