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Book your online samba class with Rio Samba Dancer and not only have a great time but also learn a new dance in your own space. Put your furniture away, wear comfortable clothes, and have one of our instructors from Rio de Janeiro teach in your home.

Ok, Let's Samba!

You can choose the date and time of your class using the 'Book Now' button

Is It possible to learn online?

Yes, in this one-hour online Samba Class you'll learn a few different steps and understand all about samba. During the class, we will teach the footwork, after that, the secret of hips, hands, and finally all together. You will feel much more confident and sensual after this class.

Also, we will give some explanations about the history of samba and carnival. consequently, you will understand more about Brazil.

Your class can be in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

In conclusion, meet your instructor in person is much more fun and you can really have a unique experience, however, unfortunately, we are not allowed to travel at this point so, you still can have a great time back home.

Let's try something different? Why not? We are waiting for you!

This online samba class is for all dance levels.

Let us know what is your samba level and what are you expecting about the class. Accordingly, to your level and your mood on that day, we will run the class for you. Maybe something fitness, more technique or historical? Even a mixed class. In fact, you can find many classes on youtube but with Rio Samba Dancer, you will have a unique experience with a Brazilian Instructor teaching you live according to your level.

How can I book my online samba class?

Very easy, you just need to have some space back home, computer, or smartphone and wifi. Then, you are ready to samba.

1. First, click in the "book now" button to view the availability calendar for your class.

2. Select your preferred date and time from the options presented.

3. Proceed with the booking to reserve your tickets. Don't worry, your credit or debit card will not be charged until we have confirmed your reservation.  We aim to respond to all students ASAP (within 24 hours.)

4. Finally, we will send you a link for your online samba class. 

Got a question?

No worries! Send us a message via WhatsApp messenger, our contact page or through social media if you have any unanswered questions. We're happy to help!

Choose your Experience and have fun!

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