1 – Avery – USA

I visited Rio during New Years and I was very fortunate to meet Helio through a mutual friend. My friend and I wanted to learn to dance Samba and Forró so we met with Helio and his colleague and had our first lesson. The lesson was very fun, easy, and comfortably informal. Later, that same evening they accompanied us to a club in Barra where we practiced in a “real” dance environment. We also went out together several more times that week. The clubs where Helio took us were very nice, clean, played good Forró music, and were in safe neighborhoods. BTW, if anyone is unfamiliar with Forró music, it is very happy, upbeat, and at times very romantic.

Helio is a great guy! He’s fun to be around, full of energy, and always in a positive mood. My friend and I speak Portuguese so we communicated with him only in Portuguese but Helio also speaks English and Spanish. Even though I initially met Helio as a dance instructor, I now consider him to be a good friend. Without hesitation, I would definitely recommend his services to anyone wanting to learn how to dance Samba and/or Forró.

2 – Yan – USA

My experience with Helio was great! I always love to try new things and I enjoy dancing. I was a little reluctant at first because I didn’t know what to expect. My private lesson with Helio far exceeded my expectations. Helio made me feel really comfortable with learning the dance steps. He made learning difficult dance steps fun and easy because he was enthusiastic, funny, and made it simple. He taught me the basic steps, educated me on the history and origin of forró and samba, and gave me vital tips.

The best part for me was after the lesson was over; Helio took me to several nightclubs and bars in Rio where I could put to use what I learned. There was live music, nice and beautiful people, I couldn’t ask for anything more. Going around town with a local was just perfect because I never had to worry about going dangerous places. Helio knew exactly what to do and where to go. This was definitely one of the highlights to my trip to Brazil. I made some great friends! I would definitely do this again next time I go to Brazil.

3 –Laura – Argentina

   Para experimentar Rìo de Janeiro con todos los sentidos, animate a conocer la noche y dejate llevar al ritmo de la mùsica. Por eso terecomiendo que confìes en Helio, que conoce los mejores lugarespara que aprendas a bailar !.
Sin duda nuestra experiencia en el bar Severina fue lindìsima. Pudimos probar comidas tìpicas, escuchar y bailar al ritmo del forrò y disfrutar de la compañia de Helio que nos brindò toda su buena onda
y simpatìa carioca.
No dudes en sumarte a esta experiencia porque no te vas a arrepentir!

4 – Maia – France
Je suis Maya, étudiante française qui a passé un an à la FGV de Rio. C’est dans ce contexte que j’ai rencontré Helio. C’est un garçon gentil et drôle. Je voulais apprendre quelques danses brésiliennes (samba, forró) et il s’est tout de suite proposé pour m’emmener danser. Il m’a également conseillé quelques écoles à Rio de Janeiro pour prendre des cours de samba, de salsa et de forró.

Nous sommes allé dans différents endroits, essentiellement dans le quartier de Lapa, mais également dans une festa juninha dont je n’aurait même pas connu l’existence sans lui. Les soirées étaient à chaque fois amusantes et c’est grâce à Helio et à son énergie. C’est un garçon fiable que je recommande vivement pour sortir à Rio de Janeiro.

5 – Carla Barroso. Bs As Argentina

Mi nombre es Carla soy argentina y este verano decidi vacacionar en la hermosa ciudad de Rio de Janeiro (Brasil).

Alli conoci a Helio un exelente profesor de forrò el nos enseño a bailar a mi y a mis amigas, la verdad que es barbaro a hecho maravillas con nosotra, pero lo mejor fue la buena onda por la cual le estamos super agradecidas y nos trajimos el mejor de los recuerdos. Ademas de enseñarnos a salido con nosotras y nos a hecho pasar unas noches inolvidables. Es super recomendable el profe creanme!!!.Besitos.

6 – Loredana, Italy 

Salve, mi chiamo Loredana ho 36 anni e vivo a Napoli (Italy). Ho conosciuto Helio nell’estate 2008 sulla spiaggia più famosa del mondo “Copacabana” mentre ero in vacanza a Rio de Janeiro con una mia amica.Siamo andate in un quartiere di Rio dove c’è la sede della scuola più famosa di samba “la mangheira”! Ci ha fatto entrare in questa palestra enorme dove si stava svolgendo una festicciola per inaugurare l’inizio delle prove del carnevale di Rio. Helio è un ragazzo simpaticissimo, un bravissimo ballerino ed è molto disponibile. Che dire è stata un’esperienza fantastica, abbiamo ballato tutta la sera con Helio che ci hanno insegnato i passi di samba! Grazie Helio ci hai regalato veramente dei bei momenti…così!

8 – Magali – França

“J’ai rencontré Helio à l’école de danse Jaime Arôxa. Il était très sympa et dansait bien. J’ai fait appel à ses services plusieurs fois lors de sorties avec des amies. Il connaissait les meilleurs endroits de Rio pour danser et nous enflammions la piste de danse jusqu’au bout de la nuit avec lui.
Découvrir le nuit carioca par la danse, et avec la compagnie d’un danseur jeune, agréable et expérimenté, est une expérience inoubliable !”

9 – Jonathan Hershaff

On a trip to Rio, Helio provided a much-needed shot of local Brazilian culture.  As a long-time student and recent instructor of salsa dancing in the United States, I can say from experience that Helio has solved one of the most difficult problems facing new students:  How to give them the confidence to move from the classroom to the disco, and eventually ask “a stranger” to dance with them on their first night.  It is a difficult first step for students to go from dancing with an instructor counting 1-2-3 for them to listening to live music and dancing with someone they’ve never met.  Helio’s method of teaching a lesson early in the night, bringing a “practice girl” so that he can teach men how to dance with women, and THEN, bringing the student out to the dance club with both him and the practice girl makes getting started “live” so much easier.

On the first night, only the biggest dance lovers of our group decided to try to learn Brazilian dancing and we found Helio’s webpage through a simple Google Search.  After having so much fun that night, the 3 of us planned on taking a 2nd private class to build on the 1st, but we couldn’t!  The other 5 on our trip insisted that they join us for the class as well on the 2nd night.  Some of the guys had never done a single partner dance in their life, but thanks to Helio’s method, had the confidence to dance later that night to live Forro music.  I was very, very impressed.  I’m planning a solo trip back to Brazil and thus this Economics student writes this review with mixed emotions:  if Helio becomes TOO popular, prices must go up!  Get him while you can 🙂

10 – Justine – Paris (França)

J’ai eu la chance de faire un an d’étude à la FGV de Rio de Janeiro, c’est à cette occasion que j’ai pu rencontrer Hélio! Dynamique, amusant et bon danceur, il m’a fait découvrir plusieurs lieux typiquement Cariocas, le “Severyna” à Laranjeiras, “Quaranta Grau” à Lapa, et différentes écoles de danse. Nous avons passé des moments divertissants qui m’ont permis de progresser dans différents types de danse.

11 – Linda Gomes – Toronto Canada

“My friends and I had the pleasure of meeting Helio in early January during our vacation in Rio. His warm and friendly demeanor made us feel comfortable with him instantly. Helio introduced us to local people and places which gave us the true authentic experience we were looking for. He is an amazing dancer, and his passion for dance and teaching is evident from the moment you meet him. He taught each of us the basics of Forro and Samba over the course of our stay and took us to some amazing local places where we danced the night away 🙂 He is charismatic, fun, kind, and professional. I would without question recommend Helio for anyone-guys or girls- looking to incorporate a little dance and culture into their stay in Rio. The passion for dance is incredible in this city and meeting Helio allowed us to truly become a part of it during our short stay in paradise…and for that we are so grateful.

12 – Paulo Gomes – Canada 

“Rio Samba dancer was outstanding!!  Helio is courteous, professional and can teach even the most novice of dancers the Forro and Samba.  His focused and fun approach ensures a fantastic experience.  In addition his vast network in the city, he always has a new local “hot spot” to practice your moves every night of the week”

Please feel free to email me with specific questions in regards to the service

13 – Gaurav Sen – Miami, USA – 

“The forró classes were incredible. Helio is an excellent instructor, and he dances better than anybody I’ve seen in all the times I’ve gone out in Brazil. This guy really knows what he’s doing”

14 – Marina. Mar del Plata, Argentina.

Visité la ciudad de Río de Janeiro este año, tuve la suerte de disfrutar de algo más que los días de playa, paseos y excursiones. Amo bailar y no quise volver sin tener la oportunidad de conocer de cerca la noche de Río y sus bailes típicos, así conocimos a Helio, excelente profesor de Samba y Forró y excelente persona. Con él fue muy fácil aprender, por su talento y carisma y también por su simpatía constante, su alegría contagiosa que hizo que disfrutemos de cada segundo. Fue una hermosa experiencia, no sólo aprender a bailar sino tomar contacto con la danza y la musica tradicional, con la cultura de Brasil que es maravillosa. Algo diferente para no perderse!

15- Aimée Challandes. Suíça.

Arrivée à Rio pour visiter la ville et surtout pour dançer, j’ai eu la chance de rencontrer Helio. Nous sommes sortis dans plusieurs bars où des jouaient des groupes de forró et de Samba. Helio connaît les meilleurs endroits pour sortir et dance merveilleusement bien! Je recommande à tous les amateurs de danse latines de prendre des cours avec lui et surtout de sortir pratiquer!!!

16 – Alison and Liz, 29th September 2010 – London

We were lucky enough to meet Helio and therefore be introduced to Forro during our stay in Rio. My cousin and I had a lesson with Helio and his colleague, which we both thoroughly enjoyed. Before meeting Helio we had never even heard of Forro, only Samba. In the lesson Helio taught us this very typical and enjoyable dance of Brazil. In the lesson Helio made us feel very comfortable. He started by showing us very simple steps and built up to teach us a variety of steps to different music at a faster pace. After the lesson, we arranged to meet Helio at a Forro night in one of the many clubs in Lapa. He gave us the confidence to dance, and he encouraged us to try out our new steps with the many men who asked us to dance! It was a great night out and so cool to see how popular this form of dancing and music is in Rio! We would highly recommend Helio´s lessons to anyone visiting the city. Thanks so much Helio!!!´

17 – Veronica – España 

Si mi amiga y yo disfrutamos tanto de Río de Janeiro fue,sin duda, gracias a Helio. No sólo nos enseñó samba y forró, sino que compartió con nosotras los rincones más especiales de esta increíble ciudad. Nos llevó a bares y pubs, nos acompañó al Cristo de Corcovado, fuimos con él a Lapa y a Santa Teresa, y nos hizo probar el rodizio de carne y la feijoada. Helio nos aportó mucha seguridad y confianza en un país considerado como peligroso, haciendo que aprovechásemos al máximo de Brasil.