Forro in Rio

Can I dance forró in Rio?

Is Forró partner or solo dance?

As one of the most popular dances in the country, Forró is a dance every Brazilian knows. Unlike traditional samba which is danced alone, Forró is a partner dance. If you do not come to Brazil with a dancing partner, do not worry. Forró is a dance for everyone. Like the history say it`s FOR ALL.

Forro in Rio de Janeiro

Today, Forró’s fun, easy steps and catchy music make it a favorite dance among Brazilians. You will find it at bars, nightclubs and really anywhere music is played.

peope dancing forro in Rio

Forró around the world.

Forró is very popular around the world, specially in Europe where you can find so many festivals, specially on summer time (Between June to September). So you can have a great opportunity to learn or improve your forro dance, participating in one of our classes or booking a private class.

During our samba class we give a little taste about forró so you can enjoy more your time in Brazil, specially when you go out , making your night more fun and enjoyable.

History of Forró in Rio.

In fact, there is a theory that the name “forró” is a derivative of the English phrase “for all.” During colonization, Brazil was habited by Africans, Europeans, Americans and local people. Every week they had a dance party and this party was open for all (all nationalities). The local people used to say: "Let’s go to this party! It’s for all.” So, English spoken people understood the dance to be called Forro.

Another story is back during the early 1900s. English Engineers on the Great Western Railway of Brazil would throw balls for the railroad personal which were open to the public “for all”. In a classic game of telephone with Portuguese speakers, the name of the dance became “Forró.”


Where can I dance Forro in Rio?

When visiting Rio, learning the Forró basics will make it much easier for you to enjoy the Rio’s nightlife . If you’re on your honeymoon in Rio or a couple’s vacation, Forró is a fun and intimate way to experience Brazilian culture. If you’re single or traveling with friends, you’ll be inviting others to dance Forró and making local friends before you know it!

Every day you can find a place to dance forró in Rio, however for the most updated venues its best to search when you are in Brazil, just search: ("onde dançar forro hoje"). Girls traveling alone can go to forró by themselves.


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