Rio Carnaval Experience

Join us for a vibrant Rio Carnaval Experience. See behind the scenes of an event that brings millions of people from all over the world. CARNAVAL!

Be introduced to the Samba schools who create all the props, from the eye catching costumes to the floats that carry the participants during the Carnaval parade in Rio. You will also have the opportunity to try on the glimmering outfits to know what it feel like to move your body in the frills, feathers, headpieces and bling.

Do not forget to strike a Samba pose when you are capturing the moment in the crazy colors and make all your friends jealous.

On top of that you will also have the opportunity to meet the incredible Passista who is a professional samba dancer and has taken part in the parade. It is not all talking though, you will have to show Passista what you are made of. She will demonstrate some of the basic samba steps and you will be right by her side. This will give you a glimpse of where these outstanding performers began their samba journeys.

Your tour guide will also share the business side of the Carnaval event. Crunching the number of the people involved, how long it takes to prepare for an event of this magnitude, the costs involved, plus much more information. Of course do not be afraid to pick their brains with your questions.