Rio Carnaval Experience – Details

Rio Samba Dancer 03 Rio Carnaval Experience
Rio Samba Dancer 04 Rio Carnaval Experience
Rio Samba Dancer 07 Rio Carnaval Experience
Every day at 10 am or 3pm
USD $ 45
  • 10 am or 3 pm – Meeting point in Copacabana
  • Public transportation or Private Transfer
  • 11 am or 4 pm – Start Carnaval Experience
  • 1 pm or 6 pm – Back to the meeting point in Copacabana

Bilingual tour guides explain everything about it.

Watch a video and learn why Brazilian’s are so in love with Carnaval.

Would you like to try on one of the Carnaval costumes and feel the parade atmosphere?

Choose your favorite costume, try it and capture the moment to have an everlasting souvenir.

Learn from and watch a professional Samba Dancer

During your visit be inspired by professional Samba Dancers who will give you some moves