CLASS ONLY | Samba classes in Rio

Choose between Group Samba Class or Private Samba Class.

  • Group Samba class – Good way to meet new people and also learn

  • Private Samba class – If you need something more specific for you.

Our Samba Group class is for everybody who wants to learn

few different samba steps. You will join in our group samba crash course where we have beginners from all over the world.

Normally we teach Samba and we give a little taste about a partner dance call Forró to you enjoy more your time in Rio and dance with locals.

  • You can book your class with your own group or by yourself.

Don’t be shy and come to have fun with us and know about Brazilian culture.

The lessons are given in English, Spanish or Portuguese and it`s scheduled around 8 pm every night.

Private Samba Class

Would you like to learn how to dance the amazing Brazilian rhythms?

Book your private Samba Class and you will have the full attention of our Instructor.

Learn to dance and your night becomes more fun.  You can get out with confidence, ensuring that the night will be filled with dancing and enjoyment.

  • ·  To learn how to dance samba steps

  • ·  Classes in English / Spanish / Portuguese

  • Available every day after 2 pm

Group Samba Class

Are you traveling with your group of friends and want to be able to enjoy Rio’s night life?

Rio Samba Dancer is often hired for groups who would like to learn to dance the basic samba steps.

  • Have fun with your group of friends

  • Learn the basic samba steps

Private Class for Couples

The choice of learning as a couple is great because it guarantees that the couple will dance well together from the very beginning.

·          The couple will dance well together

Are you traveling to Rio and would like to meet new people? This package is perfect for the man who is looking to learn how to dance so that when going out at night he can ask a woman to dance with confidence, having a good time and meeting new people.

  •    Meet new people

  •  Learn how to dance

Are you traveling with your friends and would like to go out and enjoy the great night life Rio has to offer?  Rio Samba Dancer is often hired for groups of men who would like to learn to dance the basic steps needed to confidently ask a woman to dance when out at night.  Rio Samba Dancer has a group of female instructors that help with the lessons which means that all of the participants will always have a partner.