Class + Samba Night Tour

Samba Group Class plus Samba Night Tour.

Start your tour moving! We'll take a samba class in our professional studio in Copacabana where you will learn how to dance the samba. We have developed a fool-proof method for teaching everybody how to dance the samba.

The samba class starts around 8pm, and afterwards we'll head out and hit the town. The samba instructor will accompany the group, helping you practice your new moves and have more fun.

Totally safe, easy and fun, this is the best way to enjoy nightlife in Rio de Janeiro!

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Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday : 9:00pm – 01:30am

Meeting point: Our professional studio in Copacabana. Rio Samba Dancer will send the address.

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  • 1 hour samba class in Copacabana
  • 3.5 hours in dance club (cover charge is not included)
  • Lessons in English, Portuguese, and Spanish
  • No queue
  • Transfer – to go



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  • Drinks – Caipirinha around R$10,00
  • Food
  • Tips
  • Cover Charge to the club
  • Transfer – to back around R$30,00 (South zone – Copacabana – Ipanema – Leblon)















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     R$90 Reais or U$ 55 Dollars per person


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    Address: We will send all details after deposit

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       ​​Ps: Casual clothes – Bring your ID or photocopia  and Camera to take nice pictures dancing

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    Learn the steps of Samba and Forró and their history in Brazilian culture. Go with our instructors to one of the most tradicional Samba & Forró clubs in Rio, with live music all night long.

    Do you find yourself feeling nervous or unsure about heading out to dance in a new city? Let a Samba dance instructor get you started off on the right foot in Rio de Janeiro, and take a 1 hour Samba lesson at a professional studio in Copacabana.

    Your instructor will show you some of the key steps of Brazil's favorite dance during a class to get you warmed up. Then go for a night out in a typical Brazilian nightclub and practice the new moves and steps you learned just hours earlier.

    Samba Class + Samba Night Tour for Ladies:

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    While traveling, do you find yourself scared or self-conciouss to go out dancing alone? Do you like to dance but are worried about not having a partner? Hire a Samba and Forro Dancer in Rio de Janeiro. He will be the perfect company for your night, taking you to the best dance spots. The service is highly secure and the fun is guaranteed

    Samba Lessons + Samba Night Tour for Group:

    Samba Night Tour 03 in Rio    Samba Class Tour 07 - Ago    Samba Night Tour 02 - Set    Samba Classes 01 - Set

    Are you traveling to Rio de Janeiro with a group of friends and want to be sure that you will all have the opportunity to dance samba the whole night? A Samba and Forro Dancer is ideal for this situation. Rio Samba Dancer often hired by groups of ladies, the price can be split equally by the group and everyone benefits. Each member of the group will have the chance to dance innumerable times. Its guaranteed fun at a low price. Having a Samba and Forro Dancer with the group will increase your confidence, so that when the Hélio Ricardo is dancing with one, the others will feel comfortable accepting the offers of those around them. In this way, you increase the chance of meeting new people and enjoyment of the nightlife in Rio

    Samba Lessons + Samba Night Tour for Couples:

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    This service is good for couples who want to go out dancing and get to know Rio de Janeiro´s night life in the company of a Samba and Forro Dance Instructor who will give advice about leading and steps to the man as well as teaching by example, dancing with the woman

    The practice outing takes place in Rio de Janeiro at a dance locale with your personal Samba dancer where you will practice what you learned during the lesson or what you already know, meet new people and learn a bit about Rio de Janeiro nightlife. 

    The samba lesson and outing package is interesting because you will be able to combine the technical parts of the lesson (learning basic/intermediate steps) with the practical part of going out and actually dancing, not only getting to know Rio´s nightlife and meeting new people, but also acquiring confidence and having a great time!